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minecraft skins

In minecraft, the whole object of the game is to do whatever you want. You build what you want and do with it whatever you want. With the whole concept of the game being customization and open world, it only makes sense that you should be able to customize your character too.

Being cube shaped and not anatomically correct, your character’s skin can’t be overly detailed. It will still be cube-ish and pixelated but will still work and look good.¬†Or even better, you can get a skin that mimics a character from your favorite movie, tv show, game, etc. These can all be found for free with a quick search for minecraft skins.

Installing the skins is easy, just download the file and move it into where you installed minecraft. The hardest part is definitely finding one you like. There are literally thousands of them and you there’s so many good ones it’s hard to choose just one. There’s cut ones and funny ones. Everything you could want is already there for you to use but if you’re not a fan of any of the available skins? Why not make your own!

Nova skins has a web based skin editor that’s easy and convenient to use. Just load up the website and go crazy and make it how you want.