How To Start Playing MineCraft

how to start minecraft

MineCraft is a sandbox building game that allows you to build anything you desire by destroying as well as placing blocks of various different materials. You can play this game either online or offline. It simulates both the daytime and nighttime. If you are playing it in the night mode, monsters will appear, so you have to make sure that you are in the safety of a fortress that is meant to protect you.

Upon starting MineCraft, as vast and intricate world will be created which is comprised of hills, mountains, oceans, underground rivers, natural mines and so forth. There will be chickens, cows and pigs roaming around during the day, and at night monsters will start spawning and hunting you down. There is a feature of the game that allows you to domesticate wolves.

The controls of this game are very easy to use and manage. You will use the mouse for looking and turning while the arrow keys on the keyboard will be used for movement. There is also an inventory control key which is letter E on the keyboard. When you press it, all of the stuff you have collected on your person will be brought up. You can also use the same key to equip items for use. There is also a 2×2 grid that can be used for crafting tools.

To go through the equipped items, you can either use the number keys on the keyboard or the mouse wheel. When you left click, an item will be used. If you click and hold the left mouse button down, the item will be continuously used. You can use the right mouse button to place objects or fire arrows from a bow. To jump, you will need to press the space bar. The left shift key allows you to be in a crouching position so that you will not fall off from the edges.


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